Bike Fitting

Why get a bike fit?

If you want to improve your performance, remain injury free or just enjoy your bike rides without niggles, no matter your level, if you are a commuter, recreational or competitive, a bike fitting should be in your to do list. A stitch at time saves nine.
It can be performed both indoor and outdoors.

Knowledge and experience

Making the most of my background as Sports Physiotherapist that allows me to understand the body mechanisms, both from a kinetic and kinematic point of view, and how to perform the cyclist assessment to the highest degree, paired to my education as bike fitter (certified by the IBFI), being part of the custom4us network, lead by the Visma-Lease a bike lead Bike Fitter.
That, together with the use of cutting-edge apps and IMUs lead to the highest standard bike fit, both indoor and outdoor, and aerotest.

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